Passive heat treatment

The many benefits of passive heat treatment First, what exactly is passive heat treatment? Simply put, passive heat treatment includes: Saunas Hot baths / steam baths Heat packs or wraps During the colder months you may find yourself wanting to seek out a warm sauna or hot bath. Luckily, it feels great and it comes

Super Sprouts!

Grow your own sprouts Sprouted foods are said to have 100 times more enzymes than uncooked fruits and vegetables.  Enzymes help extract more vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids from the foods you eat.  Sprouts also have a higher quality protein and fiber content which helps the body improve immune function and get rid

An easier pregnancy and birth with chiropractic care ~Guest Post~

A healthy baby and an optimal delivery begin with a healthy and comfortable pregnancy, which chiropractic care can provide for the pregnant mother.  During pregnancy the female body goes through many changes in the spine, joints and ligaments related to hormones and postural changes. It is important to have a good alignment of the spine

I’m an “attachment parent” and a sleep consultant

Attachment Parenting and Sleep Consulting go hand-in-hand I’m an “attachment parent” and a sleep consultant.  I nursed my daughter until she was over 2 years old and I’m responsive to her needs but, she also sleeps through the night in her own room.  So, what is attachment parenting exactly?  Let’s talk about what this means

Hydrate in the Heat!

In the hot summer months children and adults do not drink enough water. Heck, none of us drink enough water year-round!  But not getting enough hydration is even more dangerous for children.  According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, not being hydrated can have significant repercussions on children’s physical health and their cognitive