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She works in a kind and flexible manner…

After years of trying to figure out my health I finally decided to get help and reached out to Courtney. She listened to my needs, my past struggles, and developed a plan to finally change my habits for good. She works in a kind and flexible manner that allowed me to make changes that last and in a pace that didn’t frustrate me. Would defiantly recommend working with Courtney!

I live a healthier life and feel great!

A herniated disc and two pregnancies caused me to completely stop with training. This resulted in me getting stuck in a vicious circle where I never really got any further than rehab training – much like holding my nose above the water surface. But when my sedentary job made my back worse, I realized that I had to get in shape before it was too late. I also knew that I couldn’t do it alone because I tried it and didn’t succeed. So I wrote a long mail to Courtney and described my situation. We met, laid out a health plan for both diet and exercise. Then we started training. It’s fun to train with Courtney! I feel completely safe and not worried that I will have back pain and thus dare to give in the workouts as well. It has produced results! I am more energetic, stronger and no longer worried about having a hernia again. I live a healthier life and feel great!

Thank you!

The training classes were better than Öppna förskolan! I feel happier, healthier and stronger! All mamas should have a Courtney in their lives 😘 Me and Ava loved it! And, Thank you for personal training, In-home training, porridge recipe and everything else I have gotten from you!

Courtney provided expert coaching and simple tips and tricks to focus me on exercise, nutrition and sleep.

The balanced approach to these three areas made a huge difference, I felt my core tightening and feel the strongest and healthiest I have been in years. I have improved my diet with helpful options for meals throughout the day. I sleep more, being reminded of how critical that is to a healthy balance. Living Healthy Happy seems like a big task, but with a friendly yet structured approach, it is now my reality.

I would recommend group training mainly because she is caring as a personal trainer.

No matter which group she leads she makes it calm and sensible and makes sure that everyone learns the technique correctly to minimize the risk of injury. I have shoulder pain, which means that I cannot do the same exercises as the rest of the group does, but I could still join because she created training exercises adapted for me so that I did not feel outside. Thank you for all the new exercises you taught and for helping me train muscles that I didn’t even know I had. 🙂
~ Charlotte

I would recommend group PT because the group dynamics worked very well.

Courtney is good at both engaging and challenging us in training. Since I joined my first PT group in the spring of 2018, I have been to two more and look forward to being a fourth time. The workout with the group is a perfect complement to my own workout in the gym.
~Happy group PT member

Absolutely love the group PT!

Great group and coach, who found the right level for me and adapted to the needs of the individual. There was a time and place for my needs, while we were pushing and stumbling together. Very fun to work out in group but still get personal help and tips. The results came with time. Definitely worth it!

I really enjoyed learning how to use my core during pregnancy.

It was a big concern of mine and was always told NOT to use my core. This gave me the knowledge and confidence to work out during pregnancy!

Courtney was great with helping me gain the weight that I wanted and keep it on.

I’ve been working for years to build muscle but it would never stay. She helped develop a plan for training and gave me nutrition tips to get to my goal. I even got to my goal sooner than expected!
~ Gym member

I like Courtney’s way of making changes in regards to food.

We worked a lot with habits, which I didn’t understand at first, but now I understand that is where I was having trouble sticking to healthy habits. I don’t feel I need to diet ever again but instead work on my habits to keep up with my goal of being healthy.

We worked in small steps and it made the changes easier to stick to.

We sat down and made a plan on how to make the changes I wanted and she laid out and gave advice on what to do first and how to stick to it. Working with Courtney was very helpful. Thanks!